“Over The Edge”

Almost from the very start, Colt and her father haven’t seen eye to eye. As his drug addiction took over his life and fueled his violence, Colt was the one who suffered.

When he finally becomes too much—when the death threats become too serious and the broken bones too frequent—Colt takes drastic measures. She digs out her father’s old pistol and kills him with a single shot, then flees to Mexico.

Barely two weeks into her life as a fugitive, Colt stumbles across Avery, a skinny blonde girl in the clutches of sex traffickers. Though Colt’s none too concerned with earning back karmic points, she can’t just stand by and do nothing. She sneaks Avery away from her captors, putting her own ass on the line in the process.

Now there’s the problem of getting Avery back toAmerica, where Colt’s a wanted murderer. When Avery nearly gets taken by corrupted consulate workers, Colt realizes that getting her home will mean breaking some laws. Playing on the strengths her dead father instilled in her, Colt takes a huge risk and makes a deal with a cartel boss: she and Avery will mule a few kilos of coke across the border in exchange for use of the cartel’s tunnels.

As the girls make their way north, Colt starts to realize that getting Avery home may cost her her freedom. But the more she gets to know the quirky, quietly intelligent girl, the more she starts to think such a sacrifice might be entirely worth it.


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