So, as you all can clearly tell, it’s yet again been kind of a while since I’ve stopped by. You could say I’ve been neglecting all things writing-related . . . and you’d be invariably correct.

As I hope my lovely agent understands; sometimes life just gets in the way of writing, even when what your writing is a world you’d rather be a part of. Lately for me it’s been a collosal break-up, the fall-out from that whole mess, getting into the rhythm of a new job, and finding and furnishing a new place to live, all rolled into one giant Charlie-Foxtrot of a summer.

So with that said, I’m making you all witnesses to my “getting back down to business” resolution. I’ve still got 35k to add to “Connected” and a lot of character/subplot crap to figure out. Aaaannnnd . . . probably some more (gag) research. However, I’m hereby promising you all a finished manuscript by Christmas, though whether or not this next book will solve my whole finding-a-publisher issue remains to be seen.