Hey guys,

So, I got an email from my fantastic agent the other day, with potentially AWESOME news: an editor was interested in OVER THE EDGE. She wanted a slight re-write, to make Colt more likeable (how much do I HATE that word?!), but overall thought it was a book she could really get behind.

Problem: the publisher that she works for is in the midst of financial problems–which could logically lead an author to believe that they could be also looking at some restructuring.

So, when most people are trying to find the silver lining to their shit problems; I’m stuck face-to-face with the shit lining to my potentially awesome news.


I’ve hit my stride with CONNECTED, and the story is really starting to come together. AND I’ve sent it to my agent to make sure that I’m not totally venturing into the land of ‘way too edgy.’

So, my friends; I will type on. While all of you are outside barbequing and hanging out at the beach looking at other people’s weird tattoos; I’ll be here, staring at my computer screen, making Cadence’s life a living hell for a while.