Hey Y’all 🙂

So, with OVER THE EDGE still out on submission (I KNOW. The waiting is slowly killing me, I swear. Except maybe not so slowly, says the family of ulcers in my stomach . . . ) it’s time for a new manuscript, a new MC to love, and a new plot-arc for me to fret and worry over for the next few months.

So, for your approval, I give you; CONNECTED.

CONNECTED takes place in modern-day Dorchester, MA, where–for some–gang life is the only way to keep from starving or freezing to death on the streets. Cadence has already put in five years of time with Fifth Element, a choice she made when she and her older sister, Rhythm, were mere days from death by starvation or exposure. Now, she’s an errand-girl for the gang’s leader, Sean, and Rhythm is his controlled, medicated girlfriend.

It’s all outweighed by the fact that they’ve got a place to live–for free, and enough cash coming in from Sean to keep food on the table. Survival of the fittest at its best.

But another gang’s message of warning to Sean tips the scales beyond return. When Cadence comes home to find her brittle, beloved sister dead, her last concern is Fifth Element’s laws. With her reason for joining Fifth Element gone, Cadence isn’t sure whether she wants out or if she just wants revenge, in whatever form she’s allowed to have it.

Then Sean sits her down and levels with her: Fifth Element’s laws dictate that Cadence is responsible for sending a return message. She either murders the sibling of Rhythm’s killer–a life for a life–or she herself will be Fifth Element’s next target.


So, I hope that’s intriguing enough for you all! I solemnly promise violence, tears, romance, and hot boys with tattoos 🙂 I’ll keep you all posted – 4k words and going strong so far!