Hey Y’all

WHATEVER’S LEFT is available now from Solstice Publishing!!! For the E-book, go to www.SolsticePublishing.com, click on Ebooks & Authors, then the link for Romance EBooks. WHATEVER’S LEFT is allllllllll the way at the bottom of the page. For those of you with Kindles, go to Amazon.com and just search WHATEVER’S LEFT to find my very first novel 🙂 I’m in the process of adding it to GoodReads, but anyone who wants to give a review just let me know and I promise I’ll find a place to post it, either here, on my website (www.NikkiArcher.com), on Solstice Publishing’s website, or maybe all three =D

And for anyone else who still loves print books as much as I do, stay tuned, because the paperback version of WHATEVER’S LEFT will be available this summer.