Hi Friends 🙂

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But really, it’s not a lack of enthusiasm for my blog . . . it’s a lack of ANYTHING HAPPENING on the publishing front. Unfortunately.

OVER THE EDGE is still with four editors (of BIG publishing companies) and I think my poor agent’s getting sick of my constant need for updates regarding who said what, who passed, who sounded enthusiastic when they said they were liking the manuscript so far. Really, I’ve been quite needy lately, lol.

WHATEVER’S LEFT is done with revisions, and out of my hands, for better or worse. Hopefully, my wonderful editor in chief, Nik Morton, will have a tentative release date for me soon, so I can start having an answer for people who ask me when they can buy my very first novel 🙂

So really I’ve hit a bit of a wall. Grad school is keeping me too busy to really start a new project, though lord knows I’ve tried like hell. So instead, WHAT DANTE DIDN’T TELL YOU (for those of you who’ve been following along, you know which manuscript I’m talking about) is getting a complete overhaul. Amber’s getting a new name, age, and she’s being stripped of her paranormal abilities. So the mishmash of plot-arcs that used to be DANTE will soon be just a lonely girl who takes the news of her brother’s death very, very badly. Then we’ll move into her discovery regarding her antidepressants, and how mixing them with pot makes her hallucinate her brother, providing a sort of shaky comfort. The two friends who help her make the journey from self-abuse to acceptance will still be very much present, but she’ll find them in rehab, not in college. And Finn, the boy who doesn’t give her much of a choice when it comes to owning up to her issues, will be pretty much exactly the same.

So that’s the latest in the world of Nikki Archer. But believe me, when and if something big happens (and you all know that I’m PRAYING it will, and soon) you’ll all be among the very first to know 🙂