Hey Y’all.

Yesterday, I read Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” for one of my English classes. (Yeah yeah, last minute, I know) And it got me thinking about modern-day feminism again. Woolf talks a lot about how when women were present in fiction, they were placed as a Love Interest, or as a Damsel In Distress. I won’t go into the fact that they were completely missing from historical texts . . .

Think for a second about some of the most recent Best-sellers. “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” comes immediately to mind. And I think most everyone will agree with me in saying that Lisbeth is about as far as you can get from a Damsel of any sort.

So we’re finally starting to diverge from the idea that women always have to be pretty and passive and must be saved from some sort of trouble by A Man. In fact, one of the biggest Rules for writing a female MC in contemporary literature is to make sure she’s not overly dainty OR passive. Thankfully, readers want tough, heroic ladies in their literature nowadays.

This then got me thinking about my next project. You’ve all probably gathered that it’s about an especially tough chick by the name of Colt. In this case, She plays the role of the Knight, the savior. She puts her neck on the line to save a kidnapped girl named Avery. There’s no Man coming to save either of them. In fact, it’s because of several Men that they find themselves in such trouble in the first place.

So I guess Woolf got her wish. Not only are women writing fiction, but writers in general are breaking down the gender barrier, one page at a time.