Hey Y’all.

I finished beta-reading a story yesterday, a book by one of my AW friends. It was her first draft, and not quite up to the wordcount that she wanted, but she wanted some input on it before expanding it in revisions.

Guys, this manuscript was INCREDIBLE. I’d read some of this girl’s stuff before, and so I already knew she was an awesome writer, but damn.  Seriously, the characters were so good, and the plot was so intriguing, I couldn’t stop reading.

As someone who also tends to write less rather than more in a first draft, and often gets stuck adding and expanding scenes in revisions, I was so impressed at how complete the story felt even though the word-count was about 15-20k below what it will probably end up at.

The concept was incredible as well. I’m not going to really go into it too much, because I really don’t know how well that’d sit with her, but let me just say, this book is going to be on shelves someday. Hopefully, someday soon.