Hey Y’all.

Don’t laugh, but I start classes tomorrow, and I’m PUMPED.

Okay, you can laugh a little . . . .

. . . . That’s enough.

For those of you who don’t know, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree this past May. Then I promptly decided that I wanted to be a teacher (my degree is in communications) and so now I’m going back. Which means I get to take two English classes this semester, before starting education classes next semester.

Jane Austen, here I come 🙂

On a less-exciting note, my latest beta for Dante was less than impressed. Though she admitted to reading it in conjunction with at least one other book. Hhmmmm . . . Which begs the question, how seriously should I take her comments? In a way, Dante is troubling me way more than my first novel, because my readers seem to either get it completely or not at all. So do I make changes for the people who need clarification, or not?

Ugh, dilema.