Hey Y’all.

Yes, it’s true. Boston is still there, even after Irene.

And we all looked pretty stupid sitting at home waiting for the apocalypse when really all that happened was a lot of power outages and a few fallen trees.


I’ve come to realize how utterly dependent I am on technology. Possibly to an unhealthy degree.

We had power until about 1pm at my house. Up to that point I was contentedly laughing at the Jersey Shore (I swear to god there was nothing else on) while working on a new writing project on my computer (and intermittently playing spider solitaire).

Then the power went out.

And my laptop battery died.

And my iTouch battery died.

And all the flashlights had been commandeered for more important purposes, so I couldn’t even READ.

Seriously guys, I almost lost my shit entirely.

So much so that I made a bargain with my dad: Either he let me hook my laptop up to the one outlet that the generator was powering, or I’d start in on a bottle of 1800 Tequila.

So then at least I had iTunes and solitaire to occupy my time with.