Hey Y’all.

Want to know what I learned about myself yesterday?

(You know you do)


I SUCK at writing query letters. Hahaha. For real. I posted my query letter in the Query Letter Hell forum on AW, and (thankfully, thankfully, thankfully- before I sent it to any more agents) was told that it needed some TLC.

After a few hours of kicking, screaming, and deleting (and deleting, and deleting, and deleting . . . ) I came up with a noticably better one 🙂

For your viewing pleasure:

“What Dante Didn’t Tell You” Query Letter

If anyone belongs in a psychiatric hospital, it’s nineteen year old Amber. After Matt—her brother, protector, and only real family—was killed in Afghanistan, she grabbed a bottle of pills and a handle of vodka and tried to go after him. Her therapist tells her that she couldn’t have really wanted to die, or else she wouldn’t have called 911. Only Amber didn’t call 911.

            Matt did.

 Whether or not he’s just another one of her frequent hallucinations, Matt’s back. A ghost or guardian angel–Amber doesn’t really care. He tells her she can have him back, but for a price. In order to keep her brother, Amber will be burdened with a window into people’s memories. She’ll suffer through visions of their darkest days.

            Amber agrees in an instant, willing to do anything to have her brother back. And despite what Matt says about teaching her the value of life, Amber knows that if he leaves her again, she’ll abandon the friends she’s made and the new life she’s built. She’ll try to follow him again, and this time she won’t fail.


            WHAT DANTE DIDN’T TELL YOU is a 62,000 word contemporary YA novel.