Hi Y’all!

Just got back from Maine yesterday, after four days of drinking, tanning, boating, and shooting things =]

Oh, right, and I also read a few (okay, three) books on the trips there and back:  “Change of Heart”, “Crank”, and “Two-Way Street.”

Since I love all things Jodi Picoult, it shouldn’t shock you that I thought “Change of Heart” was brilliant.  Highly recommended, though one of the MCs, June Nealon, made me really wish I could give her a hug–that poor woman’s life was just WAY too sad. 

“Crank” was something altogether new for me.  Firstly, it was kind of a sort-of-but-not-quite True Story.  The book is based on the life of the author’s daughter, but has been fictionalized.  Secondly, it’s written in a type of verse that almost makes it seem like a collection of poems.  (I impressed everyone by flying through the book, though I did own up to the fact that I was able to do so because of the nature of the writing)  Somehow, it manages to be a great story, which I wouldn’t have though possible based on the format in which it’s written.  Color me happily surprised =]

So now that my brain has been sufficiently rested, and my fingers have been given a hiatus from the keyboard, it’s back to work 🙂