Hey Y’all.

So I was way too amused by the whole idea of casting the characters in my novels, but I figured, what-the-hell? Might as well run with it. 

After discovering that I wanted Missy Peregrym to play Summer if “Whatever’s Left” ever turns into a movie, I started thinking about Amber, my MC for “What Dante Didn’t Tell You.”  She’s a self-destructive redhead who’s into things like banging lead singers and drinking ’till she can’t see straight.  SO, it’s pretty clear who the first person to come to mind was . . .

Honestly, I tried to erase the thought from my mind and come up with another actress, ANY other actress that I could picture as Amber.  And I couldn’t freaking do it.  Damn you, Lindsey Lohan, with your trademark hair and inappropriate behavior, damn you. 

So, although it pains me to say this, if you’re out there, Linds:  It’d be pretty awesome if you could cut out this whole House-Arrest, Court-Date, Mandatory-Sobriety shit.  And get yourself together enough to play a character who’s so like you, it’s scary. 

Awesome, thanks.  Have your people call my people.