Hey y’all.

Just finished “Shutter Island” by Dennis Lehane.  This was (for me) one of those books that starts a little sluggishly, not really compelling you to turn the page, not a “I-Must-Find-Out-What-Happens” novel for the first hundred pages or so. 

And then.

And then the plot-line kicks into high gear and you’re not entirely sure what’s going on but you know something screwy’s happening and there’s got to be some sort of explanation but for the life of you you can’t think of what it could possibly be.

And then it all unravels and you’re staring open-mouthed at the page, going “WTF, man?!” 

Love it. 

Lehane’s writing style is definitely a bit off from what I prefer–he’s pretty sparse with language, and if it isn’t Absolutely Necessary, it’s not on the page.  His descriptions are quick and loose, but god damn can the guy tell a story.  =]