Happy Monday, Y’all.

Over the weekend, I finished two novels.  Yes that’s right, kids.  Two.  Reading them, not writing them.  I’m not Hannah Moscowitz, after all =]

The first book to be set aside was “Lock & Key” by Sarah Dessen.  Definitely not my favorite thing she’s come out with, though still a really good, if light, read.  I especially liked all the glimpses of characters from past books.  I know it’s something Dessen does in almost all her books- gives us a little window into where everyone else is at the time- but this one had a butt-load of cameos.  But, I dono, I guess the story was just too . . . predictable.  By thirty pages in, I knew what the ending would be.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s not the world’s most horrible literary crime, I just was hoping for a bit more shock and awe.  Ah, well, here’s hoping “Along For The Ride”, my next Dessen to-be-read, has a little more intrigue. 

Okay, so obviously the second book I picked up, finished, and stacked away in one of my ever-growing piles of novels was a Stephen King.  “Gerald’s Game”, to be exact. 

Full disclosure, people.  I have actually read this book before, but bought it when I saw it on sale at Borders, and immediately set out to read it again.  That’s how much I freaking love Stephen King.  It’s actually kind of weird, because I (as a general rule) don’t read horror.  Strictly YA and Adult fiction.  Contemporary, mostly.  And, okay, maybe I’m a sucker for romance.  But there’s something about a Stephen King novel that draws me in until lunch is burning on the stove and the dog’s just about gnawing my ankle off in his desperation for a potty-break. 

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, “Gerald’s Game” is about a woman who’s traveled to her summer home (in October) with her husband (who’s kind of a douche).  For reasons that should be obvious, he handcuffs her to the bed, and then drops dead of a heart attack (oh, right, have I mentioned that they’re in the backwoods of Maine, with nobody around for miles?  Right, okay, well, that’s kind of important…)  So now Jessie’s cuffed to a huge mahogany bed with only the voices in her head for company. 

Incredible concept, perfect execution. 

Good Lord, I love Stephen King.