Hi y’all.

So, here’s what’s up.

Personal Update:  Spent the last two days in agonizing pain after a particularly thorough biopsy.  Now facing a week of waiting for the results.  My patience is truly being tested and pushed to its limits this month.

Musical Update:  Eric Church’s new album, Chief came out Tuesday.  Buy it, it’s in the country section.  And it’s like chocolate for your ears.  Personal favorite track so far: “Like Jesus Does.”  I know the title sounds really back-woods religious, but it’s a phenomenal song.  And not really preachy/Jesus is awesome.  It’s actually a love song.  A really, really good one.  Listen to it. 

Literary Update:  Just finished “Perfect Match” by Jodi Picoult.  Not my favorite of her novels, but very interesting in its own right.  Based on a woman who discovers her son has been molested, the book follows Nina Frost as she deals with her ideas about the justice system and morality.  The ending seemed a little far-fetched in my own personal opinion, but you’ll just have to read it and form your own judgement. 

Progress Update:  Adding a bunch of new scenes to “What Dante Didn’t Tell You.”  Hoping to be in the ballpark of 60k words within the next week or two.  Also, had what can only be called a revelation about “Daddy Issues.” 

In the end, it all came down to Colt and her father.  With one angry, ill-fated promise, he forced her to make a decision; kill or be killed.  Now she’s making a break for the border, losing herself in the most remote corner of Mexico, where she’ll be safe from the justice system hunting her down for homicide.  She finds a tiny apartment and a bartending job, and is just starting to settle into her new life when she meets Avery, flanked by four huge men, about to be sold into the human trafficking network.  Colt could turn away, but she doesn’t.  She helps Avery make a daring escape, and promises to somehow get her safely back to her home in California.  But to pull this off, Colt will have to rely on things her father taught her, skills she never thought she’d have a use for.  As the girls journey across two countries, Colt’s all-or-nothing decision starts to have shades of grey, until she’s left wondering if she’s made a horrible, irreparable mistake.