So I’ve started adding some actual content to book number 3.  Since I’m still waiting for some beta-edits . . . and, okay, for a lighting-bolt of inspiration- for Dante, I figured I should try to be productive in some way. 

However, I’m a bit hesitant to research things like “illegally crossing the Mexican border,” “players in the Latin American human trafficking network,” and “procedures for arrest and trial after an assault and battery.” 

This could potentially lead to people thinking I am teh crayzee.

You’re interested in the book now, though . . . aren’t you? =]

Good, you should be.  It’s gonna be epic.  BUT, since I get most of my writing done at work (haha, yeah I know, good use of my time) this Google search history dilema could potentially be really problematic. 

Guess I gotta start researching in my free time after all, lol.

I’m hoping that some of my AW friends can help with some of my questions, though.  No other place on the internet can you ask for information about prostitution, weaponry, and generally being a huge creeper without fear of looking like a psychopath.  . . . Well, okay, maybe just a little.