So today I did something (or rather, didn’t do something) very unexpected.

I got a response from an agent saying that she was going to pass on my manuscript, unless I made a certain revision.  Her suggested revision was basically to cut out the first third of the book and tell those scenes in flashbacks.

Now, most of you have probably not read the entirety of “Whatever’s Left,” so this is not immediately obvious, but let me just say that doing this would alter the entire manuscript to the point that it would most definitely ruin it.  The most redeeming thing about this book (according to beta’s as well as myself) is the fact that the characters are multi-faceted and supremely developed.  So, needless to say, cutting to the center of the story off the bat is something I am NOT comfortable doing. 

Now, normally I take an offer for revision and resubmission as “well, it’s not a NO, and this could be my only chance, so . . . . ”

Not this time, my friends. 

I believe that the book is great the way it is.  I’ve taken a LOT of suggestions, and made a LOT of changes, so don’t think that this is me being stubborn.  I just realized that if this agent doesn’t love the book the way it is- the way that I love it, then I don’t want her as an agent. 

As they say- Eureka. 

If I have to self-publish, I’ll self-publish.  I’ll have the added benefit of being able to choose my own cover art, and I’ll promote the book as well as I can.  In the end, holding a bound copy of my finished manuscript, perfect (to me), will be way more satisfying than seeing it published and not liking the finished project.