Got the last edits back for Whatever’s Left.  My last beta was fantastic, and as a quick asider, her YA novel “Ties” was an awesome read. 

So. I. Am. Done.

Obviously I’ll probably sub it out some more, but I’m not taking one more person’s opinion on it.  This probably sounds like a bad idea, ya know, it can always be better, yadda yadda yadda, I don’t care.  I’ve got it to a point where it’s clean and polished and my readers seem to like it pretty well.  So done.

“What Dante Didn’t Tell You” went out to one beta last week, and (fingers crossed) possibly to Amy tomorrow, if she’ll put up with another of my books, lol.  Therefore I’ve also started outlining my third project, called “Daddy Issues” which I’m sure will ruffle some feathers.  It’s dark and violent and gritty and I can’t wait to dig into it =]

So hopefully “Whatever’s Left” will be available for readers soon.  If I don’t get a positive response back from an agent by teh end of the summer, I’m self-pubbing.  Stay tuned 😉